About the Artist

Although originally from Illinois, I have spent most of my life on the west coast of the U.S.  My father was a horticulturist, so I grew up surrounded by all things plant and garden related.  My love of art began early, and a great-aunt who was an art teacher encouraged me by providing art supplies at every opportunity.  We often took road trips for family vacations, and visited many of the U.S. National Parks where I was introduced to the beauty of those special landscapes.  My formal art training at the University of California at Santa Barbara lead to a B.A. degree in Fine Arts, followed by graduate studies in Painting at San Jose State University and Printmaking courses at Pratt Art Institute in Seattle, Washington.

My parents encouraged my artistic growth, however they also fretted that I should pursue more "practical" subjects in order to support myself.  Thankfully, I am also very interested in computer technology, and effortlessly flip back and forth between right brain and left brain activities.  During my college years and for a while thereafter I lived in southern California and worked at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.  When it was time to venture outside my comfort zone I moved to the Bay Area, where I joined Hewlett-Packard Company and worked in marketing departments for ten years and then launched my own desktop publishing business.  Wanderlust seems to be in my blood, and I next moved to the Seattle area.  There I worked briefly at the PR firm for Microsoft before switching gears to enter the video game development industry.  I worked as a Producer on projects for Cavedog Entertainment, Humongous Entertainment and Amaze Entertainment.

During my peak years of employment, I continued to build my portfolio but found it difficult to spend as much time on painting as I would have liked to.  Eventually my husband and I managed to make some lifestyle changes, and we ran away to the southern Oregon coast, where we lived for seven years.  Most recently, we moved to the Big Island of Hawaii.  Time to create a new body of work with new landscapes to inspire!  

Over the years I have explored various themes and styles of painting, but I always return to the landscape.  Nature is a never-ending source of inspiration and delight.  My painting style is rather loose, and I am at heart a colorist.  There are always surprises during the process that I try to be aware of and use to energize my work.  One of my favorite sayings is that I like to "collaborate with serendipity", which means remaining flexible about changing my compositions and colors on a whim when opportunities suggest themselves.  My "intimate" landscapes focus on that sense of wonder and the spiritual connection that we can all experience with nature.

My work has been exhibited in both group and solo shows, primarily on the West Coast (California, Oregon and Washington).  It has also been featured in Art Buzz, a juried annual publication showcasing contemporary visual artists.

When not in the studio, I enjoy spending time with my husband, reading, gardening and playing computer games.